About Us

Dr Ruchi Gupta has total 28 years of experience in treating pain. Honest consultation & expertise in this field are her forte. She started her career with acute pain management.

Dr Ruchi Gupta started first Interventional Pain Clinic at SGRDIMSR in Amritsar in 2001 after taking training for chronic pain from Pain clinic of AIIMS New Delhi. During the course of Pain Relief Management she got training from various places like USA, UK, Kolkatta etc. She started her own private RM Pain Clinic in Amritsar in Jan 2017 in order to provide pain relief services to much larger group of patients.

In this Dr Ruchi Gupta’s RM Pain clinic she does consultations according to the need of the patient. History is reviewed; examination if required is done; previous treatment history checked; any investigations evaluated and treatment suggested accordingly. The pain relief treatment is provided on day care basis. Honest opinion & various options are given to the patients. The holistic approach is used in the treatment of patient. There is”True devotion to healing” & “Providing good quality of life” is the aim.